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Postcode Places Trust Grant August 2021 to July 2022

Your generous grant has helped children and young people with sight loss and VI in East Anglia reach their full potential.

Outcomes included improved educational attainment, better job prospects, closer integration into society, less isolation, happier home life, confidence, safety.  Our service is free, unconditional and confidential.

Despite the Covid-19 crisis we maintained and increased our service in East Anglia fully funded and uninterrupted, made possible by the most generous award from the Postcode Places Trust, other trusts and our reserve and emergency funding.  During the pandemic we used video and telephone to avoid face to face meetings, which many children and parents still prefer as it saves travel time and costs, and is less stressful for the children.

Our objective now is to ensure service continuity for East Anglia, which we have increased to meet demand, and to provide our service in other areas including GOSH London.

We continued training to GDBA, medical professionals, RNIB podcasts/webinars.


Young Person with aniridia/nystagmus. Supporting transition into tertiary education including liaison learning support service at university and local mental health services.

Adolescent with deteriorating vision/eye damage. Refusing vision assessment. Following work, able to attend Ophthalmology appointments.

Young Person with cone dystrophy. Psychological adaptation and adjustment work to support confidence and assertiveness in managing eye condition.

Over 90% of the children we help require liaison with schools.

Thank you

Chair FAB